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Quality Concrete Brick Paving, Blocks and Cobbles

You can trust your choice of C.E.L. Paving for the following reasons:

Customer Service

  • We are a Cape Town concrete paving brick manufacturer, family owned and managed since 1994
  • We work hand-in-hand with end-users, paving contractors and industry professionals such as architects, civil engineers and urban landscapers alike
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff eager to take your call
  • We offer unique concrete brick paving solutions together with service levels unmatched in the concrete paving industry
  • We supply concrete paving bricks throughout South Africa

Superior Products

  • Specialists in exposed aggregate concrete paving bricks of all textures and colour blends
  • We conform to all CMA regulatory guidelines and are market leaders in durability
  • We are passionate about producing lasting quality concrete paving bricks, and we won't sacrifice this


  • We manufacture the widest range of superior quality concrete paving bricks, concrete interlockers, moulded stone slabs and concrete cobbles in Africa
  • In excess of 700 different products incorporating both our dry cast and wet cast brick paving divisions, catering for any application
  • We supply concrete pavers for the smallest residential contracts as well as for the largest civil and metropolitan brick paving projects, such as roads, parking areas, plazas, malls and shopping centres

Multiple Award Winners

  • Recipients of the 2012 CMA Awards for Excellence national award in the category of aesthetics - a huge achievement as this award encompasses the entire concrete industry in South Africa
  • Since 2006, we have consistently received multiple Regional, National and Premier awards for our products, judged on the basis of concrete paving design, aesthetics, innovation, sustainability, and quality

Innovation and Research

  • We are extremely innovative and forward-thinking as we continually strive for excellence
  • We constantly develop new concrete paving products and continue to refine our existing product quality
  • We keep abreast of the latest concrete paving technology as we seek to deliver paving to meet the demands of the modern world

Advantages of using Concrete Brick Paving


Concrete brick pavers are the most preferred paving solutions used by landscape designers, home-owners, contractors and architects.

This is due to the extensive range of advantages that concrete brick paving provides.

In this article we will be discussing some of the benefits of using concrete brick paving.

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Concrete Brick Paving Cape Town - Paving Terminology


Paving terminology can sound like a foreign language if you don’t have any previous paving experience.

With this article we are aiming to assist in clarifying some of the terms used and hopefully help you smoothly pave your way to a perfect paving job.

Below are a few of the more frequently used paving terms explained in layman’s terminology.

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How to make sure your paving lasts


Now we all know that women are powerful.
But do you know how powerful a woman’s high heel shoe is?

Let’s put it this way, the impact of a woman’s shoe on paving is greater than the impact of a ten ton truck.

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Tips for DIY concrete paving bricks and laying paving


Are you thinking about investing in some new paving for your home?

The festive season is upon us – Fun in the sun and days by the pool.

Suddenly spending so much time outside has made you realise how much you have always wanted to re-pave that section of outside entertainment area.

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